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Maricopa CDWID Rates & Policies

A Public Hearing was held on June 12, 2023 to discuss Proposed changes.
***New Rates & Fees Effective 7/31/23:

Rate Mtr Size Residential Monthly Rate
B1 in$40.00
B11 1/2in$50.00
B2 2 in$60.00
D3/4 in$50.00 (OD)*
G2 in$115.00 (OD)*
 *Out of District Rate
Rate Mtr Size Commercial Monthly Rate
B1 in$80.00
B11 1/2 in$85.00
C2 in$90.00
D3/4$80.00 (OD)*
EHYD$220.00 Effective 7/1/21 with Bulk Water rate
G2 in$220.00(OD)*
H3 in$115.00
I6 in$170.00 Effective 7/1/21 with Bulk Water rate
 *Out of District Rate

Commodity Rate

Basic Monthly Rate plus

  • $2.25 per 1000 gallons up 30,000 gallons.
  • $2.60 per 1,000 gallons 30,001 or more gallons.

New Bulk Water Rate; Effective July 1, 2021:

  • $ 4.26 per 1,000 gallons

IGA Bulk Water Rate: Effective July 1, 2021:

  • $4.26 per 1,000 gallons with No Base Rate.

Applicable to Districts with Intergovernmental Agreement for Back-up/Emergency Water Source

Construction Meter Rental

  • $1,500.00
  • Construction Meter Deposit $1,250.00
  • (Refundable amount upon return of meter less Admin charge) $ 250.00

Plan Review & Inspection Fees

  • Non Refundable (3 Sets of Plans) $3,500.00
  • Includes up to 10 hrs. of Engineering Design Review & 30 hrs. of Field inspection.
  • (Any amount over is additional cost @ Cost + 10% Admin fee)

Service Line & Meter

  • Actual Bid Cost + 10% Admin. Cost

Water Main Extension Fees-Non Refundable

  • Plan review $500 per plan sheet (includes 2 reviews); Field Inspection $5,500.00
  • (See Water Main Extension Application for additional fees)

District Hook-Up fees - Effective July 1, 2021:

Fees allow for system improvements to maintain Commercial development & additional Residential demands. Other fees for construction apply for Tap-In, Inspection, Plan Reviews, Service Fee & Refundable Deposit for establishment.

  • All New Commercial, Retail, Industrial & Multifamily projects: $9,502.52 per net site area.
  • All New Single-family residential projects: $2,111.67 per water service.

Out-of-District Rates

The Out-of-District Rates are being enforced as of July 30, 2020. Out-of-District Rates are 2 times the In-District amount.(OD)*

Service Fees: MCDWID

  1. Service Deposit $150.00
    • $20.00 Service fee is Non Refundable
    • $130 Refundable upon vacating
    • $130 Refundable for Public Housing upon vacating
  2. Reconnect Fee (Delinquent) $55.00
    • Full account balance must be paid before reconnection.
  3. Meter Reinstall Fee: (removed by request, damage or tampering) $200
  4. Late Payment fee $15.00 per mo. (change from 1.5%)***
  5. Arsenic Media Reserve Surcharge 6% of total monthly usage (change from 4%)***
  6. Meter Lock Replacement $25 + Admin & Court cost
  7. NSF Check-County Charge & Stop check is $31.25,$18.75=Total $50.00
  8. Requested Meter Reread/if correct $10.00
  9. Requested Meter test/if correct $25.00 + Cost of test
  10. Damage to Water System: Actual repair cost + 10%, Admin Cost, Court & Water loss cost.
Terms and Conditions of Service for Maricopa Consolidated Domestic Water Improvement District 
  1. Water furnished to a property by the District shall be used only on the customer`s premises and shall not be resold, or diverted to any other premises. During critical water conditions, as determined by the District, the customer shall use water only for those purposes specified by the District. During emergency water conditions, as determined by the District, the customer shall use water only for those purposes specified by the District. Disregard for this section shall be sufficient cause for refusal or termination of water service.
  2. Each land owner/customer shall be responsible for installing & maintaining all facilities on the customer`s side of the point of delivery in a safe & efficient manner & in accord with the rules of the AZ D.E.Q. Each customer shall be responsible for safeguarding all District property installed in or on the customer`s premises for the purpose of supplying water to that customer. Each customer shall be responsible for payment for any damage to District facilities resulting from that customer`s unauthorized breaking of meter seals, or interfering with, tampering with or bypassing the District meter serving that premises.
  3. All bills for water service are due and payable when rendered. Any payment not received within (20) days from the date the water bill was rendered shall be considered delinquent. Failure to receive water bills or notices which have been properly placed in the United States mail shall not prevent such water bills from becoming delinquent nor relieve the customer of his or her obligations therein. If water service is to be re-established within a twelve (12) month period at the same service location for a customer, or for any member of such customer`s household, payment of a non-refundable service re-establishment charge is required. In addition, if service was terminated by the District for failure to pay a delinquent balance, then payment of the delinquent balance plus a service reconnection for delinquency charge will also be required. Payment of the applicable charges will be required as a pre-condition to the re-establishment of service and is to be made at the time of application for re-establishment of service.
  4. Each land owner who rents out a home or a business is liable for the delinquent amount left by the former tenant. The District will attempt to contact and collect from the former tenant for a 30 day period. The land owner will then be required to pay the delinquent amount and any fees that apply. New tenants or new owners will not be allowed to start service at the property until any previous balance of the land owner or tenant is paid to the District. The owner is not required to pay an additional deposit for reinstating service in their own name for cleaning or maintaining of the premises. The land owner will be billed a basic service fee and cost of water usage at the regular rate plus tax.
  5. Lien Procedures apply when a service is disconnected for Non-Payment, and the District has attempted to collect for a 30 day period. An interest fee of 1.5% per mo. will apply for accounts 30 days past due. A letter to the Tenant and or Land owner will be sent informing them of the intent to commence Lien Procedures. The Landlords/Property owners are ultimately responsible for the cost of services rendered to their property. When the delinquent amount is not paid after the collection period, a Claim of Lien for Real Property by the District will be submitted to the Pinal County Recorder. The meter will then be locked and no further monthly fees will be accrued on the account. The claim will be released when the delinquent balance is paid in full. New Account Establishment fees will then be required for new land owners or tenants.
  6. The District is allowed to recover a fee, at a rate on file and approved, for each instance where a customer tenders payment for water service with an insufficient funds (`NSF`) check. When the District is notified by the bank that there are insufficient funds to cover the check tendered for water service, the District will require the customer to make payment in cash, by money order, certified check, or other means which guarantee the customer`s payment to the District. A customer who tenders an NSF check shall in no way be relieved of the obligation to render payment to the District under the original terms of the water bill nor defer the District`s provision for termination of water service for nonpayment of water bills.
  7. Liability Waiver: Water Pressure for Private Fire Service & Public Hydrant Service. The District will supply only such water at such pressures as may be available from time to time as a result of the normal operation of it?s water system. The District does not guarantee a specific water pressure or gallons per minute flow rate at any public hydrant or private fire service. In the event service is interrupted or irregular or defective or fails from causes beyond the District?s control or through ordinary negligence of it?s employees or agents, the District will not be liable for any injuries or damages arising therefrom. Customers and property owners and out-of-district residents or property owners, residential or commercial, shall not be required to reimburse through rates, damages from the acts or omissions of the District, it?s board members, agents or employees. The District will not be responsible for any 3rd party claims against the District that arise from use of utility services. The user will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the District (including the cost of reasonable attorney?s fees) against all claims (including, without limitation, claims for damages to business any property, or injury to, or death of any person) arising out of any wrongful act or negligent omission of the user, or the users agents, in connection with the District?s service or facilities. Item 7. adopted 3/14/22, Effective immediately.

MCDWID is an Equal Opportunity provider and employer. Additions posted 3/23/22
In accordance with Federal law &U.S. Dept. of Agri. policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability
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Terms and Policies can be requested from our office.
Contact our Office for Additional Applications & Fees schedules for construction not listed here.