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Water Quality/CCR Reports

Nitrate Info: The only way to remove nitrates from drinking water is through a water filtration system. Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems as an immediate solution to provide nitrate and nitrite reduction. Home filtration systems can vary in cost from $75 to $500 depending on the capacity and style. The District will provide updates on the resolution regarding the increased nitrates and plans for reduction at the system level.

Water Quality Reports: 3 Years of reports are Available at our office at 45290 W. Garvey Ave. Reports are no longer available to be sent to you via mail or email for prior years.​​

11-409 PN for Arsenic MCL 4Q-2023 and 1Q-2024.pdfNSV nitrate exceedance_4.2024.pdfTier 3 PN for Missed Monitoring 2021.pdf_PB Public Notc Certification-Nitrates-10-04-23.pdf_PB Public Notc Certification-Nitrates-01-04-24.pdf
MCDWID -NSV Drinking Water Quality Report (2020 Consumer Confidence Report) 
MCDWID/NSV Drinking Water Quality Report (2021 Consumer Confidence Report) 
Attention Papago Butte DWID & MCDWID- New Saddleback area Customers; Nitrate Notice 2023