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MCDWID AMA Planning Program & Policy Adoption January 1, 2023

Maricopa CDWID AMA Planning Program & Policy adoption; Conservation Enforcement:
January 1, 2023 the AZ Dept. of Water Resources will be implementing the Pinal Active Management Area 4th Management Plan which will place additional conservation requirements on both large and small providers. MCDWID is currently designated by the ADWR as a Small Provider designation with annual system wide usage cap of 250 acre-feet per year. It is MCDWID's intent to maintain its current designation.

In order to address these two items, it is the intent of MCDWID to cap the volume of annual potable water deliveries for users Out-Side District Boundaries through a Service Agreement and eliminate all other Bulk Water use Out-side the District boundaries.

To achieve its goal of maintaining a Small Provider designation the MCDWID Board, at the March 14, 2022 Regular Meeting, approved the implementation of a policy that will eliminate Bulk Water users effective January 1, 2023.

The water system should be maintained for use and benefit within the District boundaries for it`s residents and customers.

Conservation Plan and Policy link