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Convenient Access to Your Utility Account

If you would like to view your account history, including charges, usages and previous payments, just select your District from the links below and follow the directions. You will be asked for your utility Account Number, which you can obtain from your utility statement. You will create a Password, which if you are visiting for the first time you can setup.

Online Payment Starting July 1st, 2021 FOR Maricopa CDWID customers. Once logged in you can, Pay online, see your entire account history as well as any current unpaid charges that are due. Valle Escondido & New Saddleback neighborhood residents use Maricopa CDWID option and new 5 digit Account number.

Online Payment Starting August 23rd, 2021 FOR Papago Butte DWID customers.
Online Payment Starting January 9th, 2023 FOR Antelope Peak DWID customers.

Maricopa CDWID Customers Click Here to View Account or Pay >>

Papago Butte DWID Customers Click Here to View Account or Pay>>

Antelope Peak DWID Customers Click Here to View Account or Pay >>

  • Online Payments AVAILABLE: - $5 fee
  • Online Payments available Jan. 9, 2023
  • Online Bill Payments: AVAILABLE - 3.5% fee